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We have a range of trust services that seek to guarantee confidentially of your property during and after your lifetime. The trust options also make it possible to prevent attacks on your property or misuses of your property from those who may want to take advantage of you.

Why use a trust?

A Trust is a legally binding arrangement whereby a person (the Settlor) transfers assets to another person (the Trustee) who takes legal title to the trust assets. The Trustee holds the trust assets for the benefit of other persons (the Beneficiaries, which may include the Settlor) or for a specified purpose.

Shares Succession Trust

Unlike a will which guarantees little confidentiality after death, a shares succession trust managed by NOVA will ensure that all your wealth distributions will be confidential and will reach the intended beneficiaries without the need for court dramas and feelings of betrayal. Once your will transfers your wealth to us, we will then transfer the property to the already agreed list of beneficiaries.

Family Trust

Get your wealth into a family trust and protect it from those who want to grab it. In a family trust, you can transfer the ownership of your wealth and the personal items in such a way that it is no longer owned by you, but is fully controlled by you. You get to enjoy the full benefits of property ownership without risking the legal tussles that may come as a result of personal or political disagreements.

Investing into a family trust managed by us ensures that you are able to transfer wealth to another person without the immediate tax consequences.

Uses of a Trust

    ✔ Preservation of wealth
    ✔ Succession planning
    ✔ Asset protection
    ✔ Confidentiality

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