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Seychelles is an independent Republic within the Commonwealth with a population of , approximately. Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles economy is primarily based on tourism, commercial fishing and the offshore financial services industry.

  • Seychelles is governed by civil law except for the corporate legislation and criminal law which are based on English common law
  • International Business Companies (IBCs)
  • Political Stability
  • Tax-free offshore corporation
  • High confidentiality

Formation Requirements

  • Minimum One Individual and/or Corporate shareholder is required
  • Minimum One Individual and/or Corporate director is required
  • Company Secretary is not required
  • English / English and Chinese company names are allowed
  • Bilingual M&A is allowed
  • No requirements for annual meetings or audited accounts
  • Annual Return is required
  • No requirement to hold Annual General Meetings
  • Statutory filing requirements are minimal
  • Registered Address in Seychelles
  • Director and shareholder information is not required to file with Registry

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