Nova Fiduciary Services Limited

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is providing a professional gateway for trade and investment to the huge market in Mainland China and international. Hong Kong is seen to provide the best service platform in the world. Over 3,800 overseas companies with businesses including Mainland China have registered in Hong Kong as the place for their regional headquarters or offices. Hong Kong is an ideal place to invest or to do business. The advantages are distinguished as follows:

  • Low and simple taxation
  • Clean and efficient government
  • Freedom of capital movement
  • A free trade, commercial and banking centre
  • Professional workforce
  • Stable of Law
  • Efficient financial market
  • International Lifestyle
  • The most developed infrastructure supporting services

Formation Requirements

  • Minimum One Individual and/or Corporate shareholder is required
  • Minimum One director is required but at least one natural person as director
  • Company Secretary who must be a resident in Hong Kong
  • Registered office must be in Hong Kong
  • Minimum subscribed share capital is 1 share
  • No par-value for share(s).
  • Filing Annual Return each year
  • Renew Business Registration annually

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