Nova Fiduciary Services Limited

Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands is located in south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. The financial services sector is one of the main industries in the Cayman Islands, and there is a substantial commitment to the continued development of the offshore financial services industry. The reputation and popularity of the Cayman Islands has increased significantly, particularly in Asia, as it is one of only two offshore centres that is approved by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for public listings in Hong Kong.

  • English Common Law
  • Tax Exemption Certificate; further enhancing their tax exempt status
  • International Business Companies (IBCs)
  • Nil Tax on offshore profits
  • Political Stability
  • High confidentiality

Formation Requirements

  • Minimum One Individual and/or Corporate shareholder is required
  • Minimum One Individual and/or Corporate director is required
  • Company Secretary is not required
  • English / English and Chinese company names are allowed
  • No requirements for annual meetings or audited accounts
  • Annual Return is required
  • Statutory filing requirements are minimal
  • Registered Address in Cayman Islands
  • Register of Director is required to file with Registry but details are not in public
  • Register of Member is not in compulsory filing with Registry

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