Nova Fiduciary Services Limited

Corporate Profile

Nova Fiduciary Services Limited (“NOVA”) is a ONE-STOP shop for expert fiduciary solutions for clients around the world. We cater for both corporate and individual clients, with equal levels of commitment, dedication, and professionalism. Our principal offices are located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. These offices are run by a team of experienced managers and qualified professionals who possess unrivalled skills that relate to business and financial management. Our team has also established extensive networks that continue to enhance the quality of service that our clients receive. As global economic integration continues to take shape, Nova is set to leverage on the geographical advantage of Hong Kong as an international financial hub. In view of this, we aim to use the profound knowledge of our professionals about various industries in Asia, to provide professional advisory services to enterprises from mainland China, Hong Kong and other foreign countries. Consequently, we expect to see our clients thrive as we help them to create opportunities in a challenging environment.